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Q. How did you get into this?

A. With our background in construction and our beliefs about environmental stewardship, transitioning from General Contractor to material supply and custom furniture building was a natural step.

Q. What is reclaimed lumber?

A. Reclaimed lumber is wood that has been salvaged from an existing structure with the sole purpose of repurposing the material in an effort to relieve stress on our forests from the lumber industry while minimizing our environmental impact in our own communities.

Q. Where do I get Reclaimed Barn Wood?

A. Barns 2 Home’s online store is a great place to start! If you need a large order or specific pieces, give the shop a call and we’ll happily help.

Q. What’s your return policy?

A. Once an item is cut, or a product built, there are no returns. If the material is uncut, we’ll do our best to help.

Q. Do you exchange items?

A. We will exchange extremely damaged boards if they make it into your order. In their own nature, reclaimed wood is rough, so this should be expected.

Q. Do you ship items?

A. We most certainly ship nationwide.

Q. What is the preferred methods of preparation and cleaning of raw lumber?

A. Typically, we use 220 grit sand paper to clean and polish the surface of the piece. After that, we use compressed air to clean the wood and from then it’s really the preference of the customer if we coat the piece with a sealant. Typical sealants are a satin polyacrylic, satin spar urethane, and stain urethane.

Q. Do you cut your material to specific sizes for a project?

A. We will be happy to cut any material to help you get the material in your vehicle, but if you’d like us to cut the entire project, you should just have us build the whole piece for you. 🙂

Q. What types of wood are used for repurposed wood?

A. Another good question! Most typically in our region we get some species of Pine and Fir. Hardwoods were used sparingly out West and are found more frequently once you’re in the Midwest and heading East of which, Oak, Walnut, and Maple are a few examples.

Q. Where do you source your reclaimed barn lumber?

A. We source our lumber here in the great heart of America!

Q. Do you create custom projects?

A. As a builder, we take great joy and pride in our trade. Our experience as carpenters gives us the ability to build anything… yes, anything! As Licensed General Contractors, we have the expertise to build your space with that same confidence.

Q. Can you recreate a custom project someone else has done?

A. If you can show us a picture, we can make it happen!

Q. Do you supply reclaimed wood for large jobs or commercial jobs?

A. We specialize in large orders, with an added service. With our experience as Licensed General Contractors, we can help you with take offs to save you time and ensure you’re ordering only what you need.

Q. Do you provide samples of your products?

A. If you’d like a sample, we’d happily provide one for you.

Q. Do you have a showroom?

A. We have a showroom just West of Downtown Denver, Colorado. We’re open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm, in which time we’d love to walk the shop and yard with you to check out all the amazing materials!!!

Q. Do you install?

A. We can do installs but approach each one as to timing and availability.

Q. Can you stain barn wood?

A. Reclaimed Barn lumber can be stained, though with all the texture in the wood, it can be a tedious task.

Q. Can you use barn wood for flooring?

A. Reclaimed Barn Wood Flooring is absolutely a thing, and we enthusiastically sell it. It looks amazing 100% of the time!


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